When Should You Change Your Oil?

Follow this simple guide to keep your engine humming a happy tune.

In North Carolina, Your License Plate Can Now Read GAY, QUEER and LESBIE

The open road just got a lot more open.

The Apple Car Is One Step Closer To Real And Should Worry Both Lucid And Tesla

iPads for infotainment system, Siri as your voice assistant, autonomous drive and full CarPlay integration, the Apple Car will be an amazing EV.

The hero cars of the Chevy small block V8

It’s one of the most famous engines ever made, and one of the longest enduring. Join us for a journey into the world of the Chevy small block V8

Catalytic Converter Theft: The 10 Vehicles Thieves Target Most

Catalytic converter theft continues to run rampant throughout the United States.

GM Pondering a Two-Door Compact Truck EV to Rival the Maverick

According to Automotive News, the automaker has designed an electric pickup with a two-door cab and a 4.5-foot bed.

Here’s How A Suzuki GSX-R750 Would Look In A Modern Guise

The GSX-R750 hasn't been updated in nearly 12 years, but here's how it would look if Suzuki refreshed it today

Memphis police set to release video showing fatal beating of Tyre Nichols

Video of the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols, who died three days after a traffic stop by police, is set to be released by Memphis officials Friday evening.

North Carolina revoked auditor Beth Wood's state vehicle privileges after hit-and-run

North Carolina state officials waited six weeks to revoke State Auditor Beth Wood's ability to drive a state vehicle over her December hit-and-run, a spokesperson for the state Department of Administration said Friday. Why it matters: The move came Tuesday, nearly a week after Wood's misdemeanor charge for her role in the hit-and-run came to light, rather than right after the incident. Driving the news: The state's Motor Fleet Management...

The greatest cars powered by Ford's Cleveland V8

We celebrate one of the most notable engines to come from the Blue Oval

The Least Reliable Ford F-150s On The Used Market

These Ford F-150s are usually great trucks, but some model years are plagued with a truckload of problems.

Conor McGregor Hit By Car While Riding Bike: ‘I Could’ve Been Dead’

The famed MMA fighter revealed that he was knocked off his bike when he was hit by a car when the driver's vision was obstructed by sun.

30 epic lots at the 2023 Scottsdale auction extravaganza

Champion Racer Davide Rebellin Killed in Hit-And-Run Collision

The 51-year-old had just retired after a record-breaking 29 seasons of racing.

43 of the best-ever barn-finds

The Junkyard Gems of Denton Auto Parts in New Market, Tennessee

We visit New Market with our automotive history books at the ready...

Africa Eco Race Postpones 2023 Rally Due To Climatic Upheavals

The rally will return on December 30, 2023.

19 SUVs on the verge of classic status

With the sales of SUVs really taking off in the last 10 years, those that paved the way in the '90s and early 2000s will soon be classed as true classics

The First 2024 Ford Mustang Will Be Auctioned for Charity

VIN 001, a 2024 Mustang GT, will be sold through Barrett-Jackson's January auction in Scottsdale.

Cheapest Electric Cars You Can Buy in 2023

Just because a car is powered by batteries doesn't mean it has to be expensive. These are the most affordable electric cars on the market right now.

What we know -- and still don't know -- about what led to Tyre Nichols' death

It's been almost three weeks since a traffic stop in Memphis led to a violent arrest and, three days later, the death of the 29-year-old Black driver.

Homegrown: “Atomic Scalpel” tops 100 mph with gravity alone

Welcome to Homegrown—a new limited series about homebuilt cars and the ingenuity of their visionary creators. Know a car and builder that might fit the bill? Send us an email at with the subject line HOMEGROWN. Read about more Homegrown creations here. —Ed. Practically every automobile and motorcycle we celebrate at Hagerty employs some form of energy conversion—an internal […] The post Homegrown: “Atomic Scalpel” tops 100 mph...

30 wonderfully utilitarian classic cars

The Best and Most Important Mountain Bike Accessories to Keep You Riding all Day

From tools to bells, bottles and more, these are the mountain bike accessories we turn to day in and out to enjoy the trail more.

40 Garage Sale Finds That Could Secretly Be Worth a Ton

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The car that saved Ford Motor Company

As Ford gears up for a huge launch of its all-electric F-150 Lightning, we turn the clock back over 70 years to a car that saved the company

Nissan Is Considering a Small Electric Pickup Truck for the U.S.

A report by Automotive News suggests Nissan might build a small EV pickup to appeal to a new segment of customers.

Ford to Pay $2500 If 2023 Bronco Customers Switch to another Model

The SUV is still in high demand and short supply, but Ford is apparently determined not to lose those customers.

The 2024 Z06 GT3.R Is the New Face of Corvette Racing

Based on the road-going Z06, it uses an engine derived from the 5.5-liter flat-plane crank V-8.

Russia’s Nightmare: F-35 Comes in a Terrifying Beast Mode

The Elegant F-35 has a “Beast Mode” – The F-35 is commonly perceived as an elegant, sophisticated fighter, designed with futuristic features emphasizing stealth and surgical precision. The perception is accurate to a point. Yes, the F-35 is a fifth-generation stealth fighter, built around a supercomputer that enables advanced network connectivity and data sharing. (Subscribe […]

Classic American icons ready for Scottsdale auction

The 2023 Bonhams Scottsdale auction in Arizona includes an amazing variety of classic American cars, all up for sale.

GM Spending $854 Million to Build New Small-Block V-8

Unfortunately, GM isn't offering a release timeline or technical details on its newest V-8 yet.

Cars everyone should drive at least once

Andrew Frankel picks 50 legendary cars, from the humble to the exotic, he thinks you simply must drive at least once

A Ford Maverick Camper Is a Great Beginner Adventure Rig

For roughly $30,000, you can have a high-quality enclosed sleeping and cargo space atop a fuel-efficient new car. Just don’t expect to get too far from the pavement.

65 (UK Trailer 2)

Trailer for '65' starring Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman, Alexandra Shipp, Nika King

Carbon-fiber 1970 Charger and 1969 Camaro just the start of a wave of composite-bodied classic muscle cars

One thousand pounds. Half a ton. Way more than any strongman contestant can lift. That's how much weight Finale Speed has been able to cut out of a 1969 Camaro by replacing its steel body with carbon fiber. And the company's aiming to bring that supercar technology to pretty much any American muscle car. "Carbon fiber's been around for years," said JD Rudisill, who founded Finale Speed in Yukon, Oklahoma, in April 2022. "It's what they use in...

10 cars that robbed others of their glory

The real pioneers in the car world are often airbrushed out of history and replaced by successful imitators

The golden age of General Motors design

Richard Bremner looks at an especially notable era for General Motors

The 2023 Honda Accord Gets a Clever Hybrid Powertrain

Honda ditches its 2.0-liter turbo in favor of a hybrid system with two electric motors.

The 5 Least Reliable Car Brands, According to Consumer Reports

Here's a look at the five least reliable car brands and automakers of 2022 according to data collection by Consumer Reports. The post The 5 Least Reliable Car Brands, According to Consumer Reports appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

2023 Corvette Z06 Pops Engine After Only 52 Miles, Owner Documents Saga on Video

The car's LT6 V-8 began to rattle and smoke after losing power on the highway.

Plane Landing on Top of Semi Trailer Would Have Been Really Cool if It Worked

A small plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a toll road in Texas last weekend, but instead of hitting pavement the plane briefly brushed the top of a semi’s tractor-trailer before tumbling to the road and crashing.

The hits & misses of the greatest car designers

Even the most respected designers have their off-days - here we take at their greatest efforts, and the ones we rate somewhat less...

10 Vintage Motorcycle Ads That Will Make You Want to Buy a Bike Right Now

Cool is two wheels.

Quarterhorse, the Air Force’s Next Hypersonic Aircraft, Has Taken an Epic Leap

The future SR-71 Blackbird successor is on a quest to break the airspeed record.

24 of the greatest Cadillacs

As America’s most famous luxury car marque hits a major milestone, we take a look at its most notable cars

2023 Husqvarna Norden 901 Expedition Confirmed

Last year, news broke that Husqvarna was working on a more off-road capable version of the Norden 901. We have confirmed the bike will come to the US in 2023.

New Rolls-Royce CEO warns of 'last chance' as company a 'burning platform'

Rolls-Royce (OTCPK:RYCEY) (OTCPK:RYCEF) -3.5% in London trading Friday after new CEO Tufan Erginbilgic told staff the company is a "burning platform" whose performance was "unsustainable" and faces a "last chance" to change, Financial Times reported. "We underperform every key competitor out there," Erginbilgic reportedly said in an address at Roll...

Desert Eagle: A .50 Caliber Gun (Or Canon) That Is Totally Pointless

While it never had the big screen introduction that the .44 Magnum received thanks to Clint Eastwood’s “Dirty Harry,” the Desert Eagle has been featured in more than 600 films, television shows and video games. (Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel Here. 19FortyFive publishes original videos every day.) First introduced in 1983, and initially chambered in […]

Lambo’s Exhaust Altered to Create the Sweetest Turbo Sounds Anyone Has Ever Heard

People are losing their minds over it.